The dream engine calls me by the wrong name

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By Secunda’s name, to be exact. It was the tall woman really, who waylaid me somewhere in the head office of Facebook that I happened to be visiting. I was terrified the whole time that I’d be tempted –by the convention effect, all resistance gone because you’re immersed– to get an account after all, and after the tall woman had spoken to me (I told her that [Secunda’s name] was my younger sister, though I’m sure I wasn’t dreaming that I was Prima) I got so confused and insecure that I invented a bus I had to catch and went out and couldn’t do anything but find a bus. There were some, all very white, but I had to wait at the bus station for one that went anywhere useful and buy a ticket at a little shop that sold, mostly, Rolling Stones mementos. (Mick Jagger tongue depressors!)

Then, after having sort of slept through the alarm, I had a whole other dream that I don’t remember, but which did make me late for swimming. Now if I was an indoor swimmer I could have taken advantage of it being Wednesday, when the pool is open until noon, but unfortunately I’m not. Well, it’s usually too crowded for comfort on Wednesdays anyway…