The dream engine distributes cat toys

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Last night we were talking about recurring dreams we’d had, and persistent motifs in dreams, and I said that when I got lost on a station in a dream it was either Amsterdam Central Station or the Generic Station that my brain often parses as Utrecht (though the station at Utrecht hasn’t looked like that for thirty years at least). So, of course, I found myself at Amsterdam Central Station in my dream. I didn’t get lost there, but could leave the station without impediment.

Getting there had been more complicated. I was at Generic Station first, or rather outside it in bleak late-winter weather looking at public-space art. One of the pieces was a maquette of the station in a sort of timelapse: it looked like a tapered beam, from from largish-scale ‘now’ to much smaller scale ‘2025’. At one point it was hanging above my head, with models of railway carriages hanging from it, but it wasn’t designed for that specifically. It included a sign saying approximately “this is why the staircase is relevant now”. The staircase it pointed to was a chunky concrete affair, steps just too big for my legs, going up to an empty platform. After a while a train pulled up, and my other half (who I don’t remember having with me earlier) and I boarded it.

The train went to Amsterdam, where my other half had business but I didn’t, so I decided to go into the city for window-shopping. As I left the station I met a tall scruffy man selling knick-knacks from a tray. I refused, and kept a watchful eye on my purse, but that didn’t prevent a package of three cat-toy mice made of rabbit fur ending up in my bag. Later I found another package, and eventually another, for a total of nine mice. Some had clips, so I clipped them to random things I passed to get rid of them.

I ended up waiting at a bus stop where a young red-haired man who had been on the train with us was sitting on a bench; he managed to bully me into moving further and further away from him until I was on a single seat in the same style as the bench, tucked away into the corner.


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