The dream engine does some magic

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At a school where that wasn’t actually the curriculum, so we had to do it on the sly. For that the magic students had disguises as nineteen-forties American Jewish boys (for some reason the magic students were all male though the school had female students and teachers and administrative personnel too. I think I was a/the school secretary, come to think of it). The disguise came into action when a school inspector arrived; then the boys all went into a bus and pushed their magic equipment into the baggage compartment in large sports bags and dressed in tweed suits and curly dark wigs (if they didn’t have dark and/or curly hair themselves, and I think one boy actually was Jewish) and yarmulkes.

The magic itself consisted mostly of making sand and other stuff levitate to the ceiling and fall down in precise patterns, but I think that’s from playing this game which is my current thinking machine. (Argh! doesn’t work with my current Firefox.)

After the inspector had gone, we played a video of the boys in the bus and it was in greenish-sepia tones, making it look even more 1940s.