The dream engine fails to feed me

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After a convoluted dream in which I was taken through what I supposed to be my entire dreamscape, somewhat like the sequence in Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets where he falls through several levels of Alpha, I achieved stability and the company of my spouse and we were hungry.

There was a restaurant sign just there. Apparently they had separate entrances and aisles for “insist on meat”, “don’t care”, “vegetarian” and “vegan”, neatly colour-coded in red-brown, yellow-ochre, yellow and yellow-green. We took the “don’t care” aisle because, well, we don’t care.

When we were sitting down at a table for two the restaurant started filling up very quickly, as if we’d been at the head of a huge queue without realising it. When it was completely full, a man across the aisle from us stood up and spoke to Spouse, “don’t I know you?” I thought they might have met at a workplace or a conference because I didn’t know the man, but apparently Spouse didn’t either. The man kept insisting, guessing really, “harbour worker? porter?” and then music started playing between the guesses.

“It’s a performance,” I said to Spouse, “let’s get out of here!” It took a couple of tries to convince him (strangely; RL spouse would have noticed before I did) but we got out, passing the queue to get in that reached into the next street. “There are only two places left,” I told the queue, and indeed I saw the first two people in it being shown to our former places.

But we were still hungry.


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