The dream engine fails to provide plot

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It provided kittens, though: two of them, greyish, one with narrow stripes and one with broad splotchy stripes, sleeping on the half-packed or half-unpacked suitcases lying on one or both of our ginormous kitchen tables. (The kitchen was also ginormous. That may be a result of finishing the writeup of Monday’s game session.) Or playing with everything in sight including us and each other.

Us being Spouse and me and the twins (eldest nowhere in sight, I don’t remember if we didn’t have her or she was simply away) aged about six with the cute blonde pigtails they had at that age. There were also lots and lots of visitors — I hesitate to call them “guests” because we didn’t entertain them or indeed interact with them much, they just walked through our house in groups. I particularly remember one woman with a red felt beret who seemed to be in EVERY group.

On the walls: icons, and posters of icons, and posters of random art.

But still no plot.

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