The dream engine finds a priest

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Whee, my first choir anxiety dream!

For some reason Fr T couldn’t serve the Liturgy: he had come back from a conference early on the Sunday morning, which may have had something to do with it. He was present in the church, even in the altar, but the serving priest was Joke Kolkman from the Old Catholic church in Egmond aan Zee. I was all “yay a woman priest”, but of course she didn’t know the service and it was a shambles. Also, there was no choir platform: we were standing on the other side of the church like we did before the platform was built. I say “we”, but there was only me and M, who isn’t in the choir in waking life. She sang “Lord have mercy” at great speed in an uncertain alto voice (she is in fact an alto in waking life too), despite all my efforts to slow her down.

I don’t know what came of this service, but later we were all in what looked like a student dorm common-room or the room where small convents entertain guests, lots of mismatched easy chairs and sofas. It was nice sunny weather so at one point I thought I’d see if I could sit outside and read a book, and yes, there was a bench just outside the front door (for which one had to go around the building, we were using the side door). Several people seemed to have the same idea at the same time, but most of the others weren’t interested in the bench, only wanted to see whether whoever was coming to pick up was on their way yet.


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