The dream engine gets me bitten

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Three separate parts, I think, though I can’t find the joins now.

We went to a hotel that must have been the one where, in waking life, we inadvertently booked a room for the night following Kingsday in the center of a major city so I’ll be surprised if we get any sleep. The dream one was just outside a city, in a field across a waterway. Every floor had its own registration so we went to the floor where we knew where our room was, only to be told that it had already been booked. “So it has,” we said, “by us!” We couldn’t show any proof of that, though, so we called at the main registration office downstairs and got assigned another room after a lot of hassle. On the threshold of that room I said “we’ll tell [name of person who sent us to the hotel in the first place, something like Solomon] what happened!” and the attendant showing us to the room said “oh! If you’d told us [person] sent you we’d have given you the other room after all because it was booked in his name!”

I don’t remember which room we got in the end, but we did go into town to do some shopping (a lot of little interesting shops) and ended up in a park where I sat down on a bench and read all of an obscure 1930s book about the sacrifice of Abraham, possibly on an ereader but the font was very 1930s. Afterwards we went to visit people we knew there, three women, possibly students, sharing a top-floor flat. What we went for was to taste the confections and preserves they made, and we did eventually taste them and found them yummy. There was a very cute little brown kitten with a bushy tail sleeping on the stairs, and also several adult cats in the apartment, and a tiny dog (smaller than a cat, and looking like a toy fox) that ran up to me and bit me in the finger.


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