The dream engine knows my alignment

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There was a spiffy new ticket machine at the railway station: black, chest-high, with a large slanted touchscreen like an ATM. It showed not only my ticket information (as in “you have 2 free old-lady travel days”) but also my alignment and spells.

I don’t remember what my alignment was, though I assume it was neutral good as usual — I come out neutral good on all alignment tests, though I call myself a chaotic-good cook on Mastodon.

I seemed to have three spells, but it didn’t say what the spells did, only what they were called. Too little information to determine if they were actually useful. I got home at some point and managed to access the admin interface from my laptop, and though it did have links to spell descriptions I was already at the “body asleep but brain awake” stage so I couldn’t investigate further. Bummer.

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