The dream engine makes me invisible

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I’m so tired from this infernal cold that I actually fell asleep at the keyboard. OH roused me (“no, you don’t need more letters, you need to go to bed”) and I went upstairs in a daze, possibly remembered to brush my teeth, faintly remembered that it was Saturday and that I shouldn’t forget to make prosphora dough. The literary convention is “… and fell into a dreamless sleep” but it was actuallly pretty dreamful, the kind that makes one wonder whether it’s reality after waking up. (Which I did, a couple of hours later, because my throat was so clogged that I could barely breathe, swallow or speak until my body had been vertical for a while. Made prosphora dough while I was vertical anyway; must now only manage to get up early enough to bake.)

Someone or something –a curse, or contagion, or an object I’d inadvertently picked up– had made me invisible. Not completely, but unnoticeable, with a very strong SEP field or something similar. People just didn’t see me, though I did get complaints that I was in the way. With weird fever/dream logic, this was somehow connected to the lump in my throat that I couldn’t cough or swallow away: if I could handle that the invisibility would be over. This wouldn’t help people with congenital invisibility, which mine apparently wasn’t, like Tertia’s boyfriend (whose parents, in the dream, had the bedding shop in the town centre; that would be practical because as it is they live in a middle-of-nowhere place with three buses a day). At least the shop wasn’t invisible.

I walked all the way to the other side of town, near the swimming pool, about forty minutes, to talk to an expert there but she wasn’t in, so I spent some time watching cats and noticing funny signs (very true to type for me) but she didn’t appear. Then, when I got home, it turned out that OH was in a course the expert was teaching on a different subject and would see her the next day.  Problem addressed, at least. And walking twice forty minutes gave me time and mindset to work out different theories about what was causing the invisibility.

It’s a pity I can’t swim in this state because it would be great to swim on it and develop it as a story idea.


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