The dream engine sends me on holiday

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Not once, but twice! First it sent me on holiday in 1971, with all my family, sitting outside a sidewalk cafe at the harbour of Den Helder. I was surprised how clean the water was, which it probably wouldn’t have been in real 1971, but that’s beside the point. There were also big fishes swimming in the harbour, seriously big fishes, two meters long and so large around that I could just have held one and linked my hands on it.

Then we got home, presumably back to 2013, and immediately started planning to go to Germany and send the girls back without us because, after all, they’re taking final exams. One of them protested that they could buy their own train tickets online, thank you very much! (Which, indeed, they can and have done on occasion.)

When I eventually did go online to buy tickets I noticed Twitter’s new feature: a charge of € 4,70 to follow someone, more for celebrities. I thought, as I would in waking life, “well, another thing that’s not for me any more, I guess”. I assumed that I wouldn’t be charged to keep following the people I’m already following, but writing this up I’m not at all sure of that. The normal price was listed in blue, next to the “Follow” button, the various celebrity prices in orange and red.

This is still not as strange as what the dream engine served me a couple of days ago: Tumblr as a tool to extract website juice from websites. It did look splendid: luminously clear, especially after it had been distilled. On the other hand, it was frustrating not to be able to apply precision kerning to words ending in -e because the kerning tool needed a perfectly kerned -e to finish downloading.

  1. Adrian Morgan

    Does each website have its own distinct juice, or is there a basic Essence of Website they all share? The cocktail possibilities could be most intriguing.

    • Irina

      I think each website had its own distinct juice– at least the colours were different. Can’t remember much, though, mostly that it was very enjoyable.


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