The dream engine sends me to the zoo

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It was on the site of an old factory, now being developed as a housing estate (I wonder who will buy a house long before the building has even started! I can’t imagine buying something as important as a house unseen). My brain insisted it was in Amersfoort, and there’s indeed a zoo there, but it was only about ten minutes on the bike and Amersfoort is three-quarters of an hour by train so it can’t have been.

I don’t know why I went there except that I was sent and/or on an errand; it was already 17:40 when I left home, and I knew it would close at 6. In front of the entrance there was a kind of paddock with some birds (including a large and very affectionate penguin), a smallish elephant, and something that looked like a giraffe from afar but turned out to be a camel when I actually reached it. The penguin was cuddling up to a woman I vaguely knew, and I asked her “what does that penguin want from you?” but never got an answer.

The cafe at the entrance was still open; in fact it had a street entrance and a terrace that was inside the zoo, so anyone could have come in, ordered a drink, taken it to the terrace and gone into the zoo. Apparently I’m too lawful or too timid even in dreams to take that route, because I only looked at the leaflets displayed at the cash desk. (And when I woke up was angry at myself for not having taken one of the leaflets, because they had All The Important Information.)


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