The dream engine strands me in Spain

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Or something like that, though most of the signs were in Dutch. Perhaps it was the Spanish coast that’s practically a Dutch colony, or used to be at the end of the last century anyway. The ride there was lots of fun, on a one-person vehicle that was a cross between a dodgems car and a low chair with rollers. Without any kind of foot-rest, though: I had to keep my feet up all the time which gave me crampy calf muscles. I actually woke up with crampy calf muscles so that may have been what prompted the dream instead of vice versa.

The ride went from an airport or a big railway station (or both, like Schiphol) through an above-ground tunnel, first with travel ads for “exotic places” playing on the walls, later with wall-covering posters advertising local businesses. It went fairly fast, too fast to get off safely, but slowly enough that I could actually see and recognise the ads.

Then my vehicle came out of the tunnel in what I knew was Spain. By that time it had shrunk to the size of one of those electric cars for toddlers and I only just fit in. I could stop the vehicle now, so I went to get a lime and ginger soda in a corner shop (apparently one could get that everywhere, all the shops had signs about it) but found out I didn’t have my handbag. “Sorry, I left my money in the Netherlands,” I said, but then noticed I was carrying a liter bottle of lime and ginger soda.

There was some more ride through streets lined with shops, and then the vehicle came to rest at the end of a short cul-de-sac which seemed to be its end station, with a pile of papers and magazines on a shelf for passengers to read. Unfortunately they were all of the sensational kind, most with similar articles about gangs of lesbian con-women (one had “lesbians and con-women” meaning two different groups of women).

I knew that my only choice to go back home was by the vehicle because I didn’t have any money, tickets, passport etcetera to take any other transport, but I didn’t know whether it went both ways because the way here had been mostly downhill. By that time I was half awake so I tried to dream a handbag, but woke up completely before it materialised.

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