The dream engine takes me to the museum

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Best museum ever.

Each room was dedicated to a composer and had music from that composer’s time (their own and contemporaries’), art, household goods and clothing. The household goods and clothing were mostly replicas so one could touch and try them. Famous composers, I think; I specifically remember Mozart and Beethoven but there were also earlier ones because I saw at least one painting by Jan van Eyck.

I spent most of the dream in a maid’s dress and linen cap from Mozart’s time, even the parts where I was outside listening, in two different places in town, to the Russian school choir singing the usual best-of-Russian-folk-songs.

There was much talk about the weather with someone else also in maid’s clothing, “it’s nice now but see that cloud?” It was coolish, early autumn rather than late spring, I think. She must have returned the clothes to the museum before I went back in, because I saw them later hanging haphazardly on a dummy.


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