The water is wide

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… er, deep. Well, shallow, rather. Conversation this morning:

Me: I don’t feel like swimming in the shallow pool at all.
Secunda: Then swim in the deep pool!
Me: There’s no water in it.
Secunda: You could always stay home. Saves cycling, too.

But I went anyway, and tried to take a couple of pictures but the phone insists it never saw them. The deep pool is being refinished, which was very necessary because the paint was flaking and the tiles chipping, and it already looks impressive now in spite of there not being any lane-markers yet (they were waiting for the lane-marker painters this morning). All it needs, apart from the lane-markers, is another three or four days of fair weather, but that doesn’t seem to be going to happen so it will probably take an extra week like when the shallow pool was refinished at the beginning of the open-air season. Nobody wanted to swim in it anyway at the time, precisely because of the beastly weather, so that was no big deal, but the heavy users of the deep pool are hardcore all-weather swimmers. We actually like rain.

Last week I only swam on Monday and Tuesday because something gave me a headache and stinging eyes– I thought it was too much chlorine, but it turns out to have been an acid imbalance, I was swimming in (greatly diluted) vinegar. No wonder my eyes stung! The machine that mixes the chemicals into the water is usually adjusted to handle much more water than it had to do with the deep pool empty, and the poor thing was confused, but it seems to be all right again now.

I find swimming in the shallow pool much more exhausting than in the deep pool, as if it really makes a difference how much water is under one’s body. Opinions differ on that: about half the people I’ve discussed it with agreed and the other half don’t seem to notice. There doesn’t seem a correlation with the swimmer’s body type– of the two people who mentioned it to me before I even said a word about it, one is fat and one is thin.

The shallow water does make for better — “posture” is a strange word for something horizontal, but for better positioning in the water, because my feet drag on the bottom at the shallow end if I’m not horizontal enough.

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