This coming summer, I shall have sandals

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Ecco shop in Deventer before opening

It’s not quite open yet, but it will open well before the sandals season. My existing sandals have been repaired several times in the 15+ years I’ve had them, and now the soles are breaking into pieces.

I discovered Eccos for non-sandal shoes when I was just, or not quite, married, about 20 years ago, and I’ve never wanted anything else for ordinary daily wear since. These. I had to order my current pair online because the local shops didn’t carry Eccos any more, and bought the pair before that in Berlin because I’d worn the already-decrepit old ones out traipsing on hill paths. If the shop doesn’t have the style I’ll just keep ordering online –no big deal, I’ve worn the same model and size forever so I don’t run the risk of having to send them back because they turn out not to fit– and just get myself a nice pair of sandals.

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