Tourist season! Where’s my fowling piece?

by , under life, o tempora

Having bought cheese, I come out of the cheese shop. A couple, clearly tourists, approach me as I unlock my bike.

Tourist #1: Do you know the way around here?
Me: Well, yes.
Tourist #1: We’re looking for the street with all the old houses.
Me: The whole town is full of streets with old houses! Any particular street that you had in mind?
Tourist #1: Where the Dickens Festival is.
Me: (points) Oh, that’s right here.
Tourist #2: The Dickens Festival is only once a year though, isn’t it?
Me: Yes, in December, weekend before Christmas.
Tourist #1: But are the old houses always there?


Do they think it’s sort of a Potemkin street, with fa├žades of old houses pasted over the hypothetical new houses? It’s true that traffic signs and such are cleverly hidden with sacks and greenery for the Dickens Festival, but yes, the old houses are there all year.


  1. Adrian Morgan

    Being in that unfocused “end of a long day” mood, I spent some time watching the slideshow on the cheese shop website. Practically hypnotic.

    We don’t have cheese shops here, so I get mine from the supermarket. For everyday purposes I stick to cheddar (melted onto several simple dishes), but occasionally, for a special treat, I’ll buy myself some hard pecorino to eat with crackers.

  2. Susan Stuckey

    lol – the tourists sound like me at the end of a “bad day”.


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