Worldcon: Monday

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Somewhat sketchy because I’m writing this more than a month after the fact: lots of life got in the way.

Packed and left my suitcase in the locker again (the exact same locker, it turned out). Hugged everybody who wasn’t coming along to the CCD (that is, everybody except Roommate; two were going on the mid-morning ferry and one to the airport to fly to Berlin for a holiday/family visit before going home to Canada). Then to the Point.

Costume and textile research and documentation

That was in the Odeon (a cinema) and it was strange to be part of much more of an audience than in conference rooms! I was nicely in front, which would have been awkward for the screen but was perfect for 4 people sitting in front of/under it.

The panel was mostly about research to get costumes right. It was especially interesting to hear the one man on it talk about how he made clothes, armor and weapons for his Roman-army re-enactment. Strangely, when it was all so much about getting things right, it made me less anxious about my medievaloid clothes; I’d expected more anxious because I’m not re-enacting or portraying anything and I’m always afraid people expect me to be doing that (and getting it wrong). I now know that the people who are really involved with costuming also appreciate the difference between inspired-by clothes and costume. And some of them wear inspired-by clothes themselves! I should really have worn something on my head, but I was wearing something that the green linen cap didn’t go with and I don’t have a proper kerchief. (Note intention for next time.)

The most important thing (when trying to get things right) is to document everything you’re doing, so you and others will know when you have actual data and when you’re making an educated guess.

Katrin Kania: I have a box in my basement which has contents that will never come out
Audience: but are there mothballs in it?
KK: No, but I think that’s not necessary

Well-meaning vs ‘plain-dealing’ villains

Lauren Roy: plain dealing “he tells you what he’s going to do and then he does it”

Paul Anthony Shortt: unaware of the destruction you’re causing (dig up a field to plant a garden and destroy a whole civilization of ants) – ambivalent, not necessarily evil.

Antiheroes (I forgot the context)

PAS talks too much, not over the women (yet) but too long-winded.

Máire Brophy: it’s possible to understand a character and not agree with them. OH THAT’S SO RIGHT
LR? : Villains are not just not coloured-in heroes, they have their own motivations.

MB: I love unlikeable characters. I write them. I love writing jerks.
Femme fatale: does she wake up in the morning and go “mwahaha, I’m going to sexually confuse people”?

LR: it’s unimaginable that someone climbs to power and also has a life (in the context of, mostly, women heroes)

The last thing I went to was Greer Gilman’s reading; is doing the same thing twice and intending to do it again the beginning of a tradition? I have yet to read a whole book by Greer but the one she was reading from had some wonderful little kids, and appealing adults as well.