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When I went shopping this afternoon I realised that I’d had too little lunch and too little breakfast. This made it hard to do grocery shopping– I know not to buy lots of food when I happen to be shopping while hungry so I was carefully refraining from that, but I did want to buy something to eat immediately, and at the same time the low blood sugar made me very indecisive. Eventually I bought a package of very yummy-looking ham with asparagus and a bunch of bananas on top of what was on the list (eggs, yoghurt, melon, cucumber, bread for toast).

In the middle of walking around indecisive my eye caught this:

Kelloggs box with typo

“Red Friuts” (sort of)

I had to look again. And sneakily turned my camera on in the bag so it wouldn’t alert shop-floor people (I can’t turn the turning-on sound off) and snapped a picture, because I really wasn’t hallucinating the typo on the box. It should be “Rode vruchten”, h before t.

Once outside I ate a slice of ham and a banana. The banana was barely ripe –I buy bananas to the teenagers’ taste and usually eat the last one when it’s too ripe for them– but bananas are the perfect “OMG I’m crashing” food, and it worked.

No flotilla of ducklings, unfortunately, now I was in a photographing mood. And no cats either. But I wish I could have taken a picture of the lady of questionable virtue waiting for customers in her doorway: about my age and no thinner or prettier, looking for all the world like some random woman you wouldn’t look at twice if she wasn’t sitting there for the express purpose of being looked at. She must really have special skills.

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