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Reading notes, week 14

Pastiche by Celia Lake. Starts slow, much like On The Bias, but that’s no problem. I love Alysoun! There’s much Failure To Communicate but the protagonists actually overcome it! Sadly, I got it with DRM because that’s what my go-to webshop had and I didn’t notice in time, so I can’t share it with spouse

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Reading notes, week 9

On the Bias by Celia Lake, #6 of Mysterious Charm. It seemed to be an even slower read than the previous time but that was no problem, stay with the book longer! I’d forgotten most of the intrigue though I still remembered the slow-burn romance. There was also a more explicit not-quite-a-sex-scene that I’d forgotten.

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Reading notes, week 4

Eye Spy by Mercedes Lackey. #2 of Family Spies. I love the kickass ace engineer protagonist! I like the clueless-but-good masters she goes on a journey with! I like the down-to-earth woman mercenary captain! But the real-world politics references are a bit much, Dudley Remp (almost typed my own last name which is only one

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