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What I did on my holidays

We’ve been back for a week now, and everything has faded enough from my immediate memory that I can actually write about it without obsessively recording all the details. Basically, we did nothing, which was the objective of the holiday to begin with because both of us really needed that. Found out once again that

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On my head

Birthday presents from other half: an overdress/apron to wear with my newish medievaloid clothes (I already had an apron that I like a lot, but it’s far too short to keep cooking stains off my ankle-length skirts), as well as something to wear on my head. Three somethings, in fact: two little cotton caps, one

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I have clothes!

I hate buying clothes. It’s not that I don’t like clothes as such (though I don’t usually care much) or that I don’t like to have new clothes, but I hate fitting rooms and full-length mirrors, especially if the shop assistant hovers or, worse, meddles. Most of the stuff shops have isn’t to my taste,

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