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Reading notes, week 3

By now we all know it’s 2020, don’t we? January 18: Simon Hawke, The Slaying of the Shrew. I was on the train and quickly wanted something to read without a lot of scrolling through the list and the burden of choice. It’s got the same advantages and disadvantages as #1: not spectacularly good but

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Applied art

Every summer there’s a temporary floating art exposition in our town park. This year, even the birds think it’s a very good idea. See that they don’t only use it to sit on, but a moorhen couple have even built a nest on it. The chicks will be safe– the artwork won’t be removed until

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My feet they are so tender, I cannot march away

I’m recovering from a city trip to Berlin. It was totally worth it. My other half had a conference from Thursday to Saturday, so he went on Wednesday evening, and I followed on Friday afternoon and arrived at 19:19– absolutely a time to be hungry so we ate at the Hauptbahnhof Hopfingerbräu restaurant. Recommended! Excellent

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