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Reading notes, week 20

May 20: Foolish Hope by Augustine Lang. And that concludes the Fearless Fairwells series. (It’s also about my capacity for romance for now, so it’s not a bad thing.) I may have read it before because I vaguely remember it, or perhaps only the first (few) chapter(s) in the back of another book. It starts

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Reading notes, week 18

May 9: A Good Kiss is Hard to Find by Augustine Lang. Reread, but I’d forgotten most of the real meat of the story. I like these people! And it’s a kind of romance I can actually read without cringing, with very little failure-to-communicate. May 6: A Fairwell Friendship by Augustine Lang. Romance is not

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Reading notes, week 27

July 4: Bad Heir Day by Rosemary Edghill. Funny Arthurian story in which Guenhwyfar is the name of the sword, and “merlin” is a job title. The Town Cats and Other Tales by Lloyd Alexander. Fun moralising stories, all cousins of Puss in Boots. Victory by Susan Cooper. Very touching, with some good family and

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