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Holiday signage

I was going to do a “The Train in Spain Part II” post, but then life happened and it was gone from the “really need to write this” part of my mind. So I’ll post the planned Part III instead: my collection of signs, with comments. Warning: long and nerdy and Full Of Pictures. The

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The train in Spain

It does not stay mainly in the plain. It goes THROUGH ALL THE MOUNTAINS. Usually the tunnels are so short that we barely have time to unwrap one of the sweets we bought to suck in tunnels against ear-blocking. Also, even the slow regional trains (“commuter train”, the English on-board announcer voice called it) require

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To the South

Semi-liveblog: we went from Paris to Hendaye on a very uncomfortable TGV without internet and I think also without a power outlet, even in first class. I took notes from time to time while beta-reading a friend’s story. Slightly edited (the post, not the story) for clarity and consistency and with added Hendaye-Irun, but I

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