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The dream engine fails to provide plot

It provided kittens, though: two of them, greyish, one with narrow stripes and one with broad splotchy stripes, sleeping on the half-packed or half-unpacked suitcases lying on one or both of our ginormous kitchen tables. (The kitchen was also ginormous. That may be a result of finishing the writeup of Monday’s game session.) Or playing

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The dream engine brings the bishop

I came into church late for some reason, it was Palm Sunday, and my turn to read (on this year’s Palm Sunday, last Sunday, I read the hours and the thanksgiving prayer but not the Epistle). I had some trouble determining at what point in the service we were, and suddenly there was an ektenia

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The dream engine outlaws worldbuilding

Actually it was the Swedish government that had done that, complicated by the fact that I was living in a room in somebody’s house in Sweden. I could understand everything perfectly well –it was one of those dreams in which everybody seems to speak Common– but reading was another matter. I had a law book,

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