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Reading notes, week 13

April 2: Thrones, Dominations by Dorothy L. Sayers and Jill Paton Walsh. Completeness reread. Parts of it are excellent, and I see a couple of things I hadn’t noticed before (especially characterization; I wonder if this is Sayers or Walsh). For some reason it’s a very slow read this time, even when I sit down

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Reading notes, week 39

October 2: Millie Goes to School by Jackmerlin. 14 chapters, more than 30K, crossover of Chrestomanci and The Marlows by Antonia Forest (and now I want to read Antonia Forest). Wonderful. Such a breath of fresh air after all the other school stories. It’s got All The Things except the nastiness. Millie gets called a

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Reading notes, week 18

May 2: So You Want to Be a Wizard, because I already had it open and noticed it while I was looking for some fanfic to read while cooling down from One Good Knight. Young Wizards is always a nice comfort read, and it might give me enough circumstance to finish the space meerkat story.

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