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The dream engine brings the bishop

I came into church late for some reason, it was Palm Sunday, and my turn to read (on this year’s Palm Sunday, last Sunday, I read the hours and the thanksgiving prayer but not the Epistle). I had some trouble determining at what point in the service we were, and suddenly there was an ektenia

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The dream engine takes me almost to Paris

That’s the second time the dream engine sends me on a train to Paris and it doesn’t turn out the way I expect. This train went to Hendaye, anyway, but Paris was its first major destination and I distinctly remember saying “but I’m not going to Hendaye this time!” We didn’t actually reach Paris on

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The dream engine does the voices

It started in church, in what appeared to be a lay service (activity in the choir but not in the altar). There were at least 3 people in the congregation apart from the choir: Prima, and an autistic young man I also know in waking life, and a middle-aged woman I’ve only ever seen in

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