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Reading notes, week 52

Yuletide is here, SO MUCH FANFIC. I’ll make a rec post after author reveal so I won’t have to look up everything again (not that I won’t want to reread it, but perhaps not all at once). December 30: Passage by bigsunglasses. Novelette-length Goblin Emperor fanfic, wonderful budding friendship between Idra Drazhar and Paru Tethimin.

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Reading notes, week 40

October 9: The Hog’s Back Mystery by Freeman Wills Crofts. Comfort cozy mystery after the mad whirl of teenaged girls. Like many Inspector French books, it has a faux ending at 2/3 and then has a completely new take on the mystery and a resolution! Deftly done. I like the wrap-up at the end. October

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