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The King’s Deryni

Katherine Kurtz, The King’s Deryni I already had this in hardback, from the moment it was out (late 2014) but unfortunately it has such small type in a light font, in such huge line lengths, that my middle-aged eyes gave up. I thought I’d finished it regardless but the last 20% or so was a

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Guilty-pleasure reading, part 2 of n

Katherine Kurtz, King Kelson’s Bride I don’t know what this book is like for someone who hasn’t been avidly following all the earlier exploits of King Kelson, but I was bowled over. I thought I’d read it years ago but in fact I hadn’t, so I had a whole new Deryni book! Best line: “I

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Guilty-pleasure reading, part 1 of n

I don’t remember when and where I first came across the Deryni novels except that I was a  teenager and it was in England. There was only the first-written (but fairly late in the in-world history) trilogy at the time, now called The Chronicles of the Deryni: Deryni Rising, Deryni Checkmate and High Deryni. I

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