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The dream engine provides a green car

It was a hired car, though, small and bottle-green. I drove it all over a compound that was half housing estate and half residential hotel (the latter called “Noma”, I think) until I got bogged down in a garden that belonged to a couple of very delightful little old ladies. “I’ll come and collect it

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The dream engine holds a procession

I was working in the town I live in now but in a place with a wider view than our house — it was possible to see much of a large square and, by looking to the right from the window, the intersection with a shopping street. I’d already been in the square (market?) and

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Summer time

I found myself wide awake at what my bedside clock said was 5:42, wondering if it was “really” 4:42 or 6:42. By the time I’d figured out it was 4:42 I was in full awake-far-too-early worry mode so I had to get up because it was impossible to go back to sleep. I did try,

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