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Kirchentag 2010

Repost, sans pictures, of the post from my old blog which is no longer online, so I can point people to it. Yes, this is seven years ago, but I might go again, to Berlin this time. Expanded with the salient parts of the non-KDE-related post (also sans pictures) so I can find it. Kirchentag

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The train in… well, a total of 5 countries

That is: what I did on my holidays, part 1. Four countries each way. The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy on the way out: 19:10 hours on paper but actually turned out shorter because the night train left late. Italy, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands on the way back: almost exactly 24 hours because of

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What I did on my holidays

We’ve been back for a week now, and everything has faded enough from my immediate memory that I can actually write about it without obsessively recording all the details. Basically, we did nothing, which was the objective of the holiday to begin with because both of us really needed that. Found out once again that

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