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What the bleep, LibreOffice?

I’ve been making new templates for reader notes for the church, because we have one singer/reader per Liturgy now and not all singers are experienced readers so we’re including more information. Here’s how the new templates show up in the Open File dialog (and in the Open Template dialog, which is the same dialog but

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The Obligatory Coronavirus Quarantine Post

Yes, I really do have to write this before my brain lets me write any other post that isn’t the ongoing reading notes. Strictly speaking we’re not in quarantine — we’re staying in. One of us (lately mostly me because Spouse had a sniffle and didn’t want to take the risk) ventures out to the

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Problems, and the solving of same

Publishing this after the fact (though written in stages) because I was completely sure that people would have replied with advice, on the blog, on Mastodon, on Twitter, even if I’d asked explicitly not to do that. Advice from people not on the spot would have made me much too nervous. I had all the

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