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Reading notes, week 12

March 24: A Presumption of Death by (Dorothy L. Sayers and) Jill Paton Walsh. I know almost for certain that Sayers only laid the groundwork in The Wimsey Papers, and Walsh did all of the writing. It’s okay writing, though, good fanfic [1], unlike The Attenbury Emeralds which annoys me more every time I reread

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Reading notes, week 51

December 18: Five Red Herrings by Dorothy L. Sayers. Might also want to watch the film version, though Ian Carmichael matches my headcanon for Lord Peter a lot less than Edward Petherbridge does. Also some more canon review for another Yuletide pinch hit. Turned out that I didn’t need it once the characters and their

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Reading notes, week 41

October 10: Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede. I’ve had it for a long time but hadn’t read it before. Wonderful self-rescuing princess! October 9: The Court Magician by Sarah Pinsker. A mistake, because it’s more of a horror story than I can handle. (So well written though; if you like mild horror I

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