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The dream engine provides people of affairs

I’d inherited a large old house with everything in it, and a lot of money as well (either in the bank/securities/whatever or in chests in the house). With the house came a man of affairs, a spare dark grumpy person who showed me everything from the attics down. When we got to the ground floor,

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The dream engine fails to provide plot

It provided kittens, though: two of them, greyish, one with narrow stripes and one with broad splotchy stripes, sleeping on the half-packed or half-unpacked suitcases lying on one or both of our ginormous kitchen tables. (The kitchen was also ginormous. That may be a result of finishing the writeup of Monday’s game session.) Or playing

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It’s roof terrace time! In open defiance of gender roles, my other half messed about with plants while I hacked the furniture with power tools. Well, only one power tool, because the battery for the electric screwdriver was still charging and I could manage with some elbow grease. They’re all very new, of course, straight

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