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Public plot-noodling

In the mid-twenty-noughts I wrote what I thought was a complete novel, tentatively called A Voice from the North, my second after Terms of Service. It has Raneth Velain in it, who I love with a fierce love, grown up into a strong wry middle-aged Guild runner. I couldn’t finish it– well, it got finished

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Thinking in public

After asking and answering the silly questions I thought I’d set up the scene properly and go back to find the exact moment Jilan lost track of Raneth. It’s surprisingly early: immediately after his audience with the king she goes off on “business with someone who shouldn’t see [Jilan] yet”. And then she disappears. Neither

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Silly questions

Do all books have a bit in the middle that just won’t cooperate? In Terms of Service there was the palace scene that I had to redo several times –it didn’t help that it was between two very strong scenes, but it was also weak in itself– and now I’m editing A Voice from the

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