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Reading notes, week 4

January 30: Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster. It was next up in my unread books. I (re)read it online at lightning speed in order to beta-read someone’s Yuletide story, and now wanted to read it at a normal pace. It’s still delightful. I could go on for ages about how it’s so set a

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Reading notes, week 3

January 23: In the Fifth at Malory Towers. Again, there’s a new girl in the form, will that persist until the sixth form? (Spoiler: yes.) Some rehashing of earlier books at the beginning but then the story takes off and it’s one of the better ones, giving most girls a chance to shine. Thrones, Dominations

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Reading notes, week 2

January 13: First Term at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton, as a short vacation from the Lord Peter Wimsey reread. I used to know the whole series by heart in Dutch when I was about 10, but this is the first time I read the original and it’s confusing that all the names are different,

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