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Reading notes, week 4

Eye Spy by Mercedes Lackey. #2 of Family Spies. I love the kickass ace engineer protagonist! I like the clueless-but-good masters she goes on a journey with! I like the down-to-earth woman mercenary captain! But the real-world politics references are a bit much, Dudley Remp (almost typed my own last name which is only one

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Reading notes, week 43

October 23: The Mysteries of St Jorian the Martyr by AZDesertRose. Novelette-length Deryni fanfic, proving yet again that Deryni fanfic is on average better than canon, just like Pern fanfic. Tigger Holmes and the Case of the Midnight Slipper by Small_Hobbit. #22 in The Casebook of Tigger Holmes, which I’m subscribed to and that’s a

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Reading notes, week 21

May 28: A School Story by El Staplador. Miss Marple/Miss Silver vignette with a guest appearance by Miss Climpson. (I didn’t recognise Ada Doom though I did recognise her line.) Phyllis, a Twin by Dorothy Whitehill. Nice school (not boarding school) story with an actual adventure in it. It’s #2 of something Gutenberg doesn’t have

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