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2014 reading roundup

Preliminary disclaimer: I dislike end-of-year overviews. At least I dislike the circumstance that from, well, the end of November until the beginning of January everything is end-of-year overviews. When we still had a subscription to a newspaper (er, last year) I avoided the last issue of the year because it was nothing else than that.

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Tante Mathilde – disappointing sequel

Paul Biegel, Tante Mathilde en de Sterren van de Grote Beer I’ve looked for this sequel to De brieven van de generaal ever since Secunda had it from the library about ten years ago — first for her because she had it on birthday and St. Nicholas wishlists a couple of times, then, when she

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Rereading De brieven van de generaal

Paul Biegel, De brieven van de generaal (Letters from the general) I love Paul Biegel’s writing style. Over time it grew, but didn’t change much; the difference between Het sleutelkruid (The King of the Copper Mountains) near the beginning and Man en Muis near the end of his long life is more in the way

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