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The dream engine holds a procession

I was working in the town I live in now but in a place with a wider view than our house — it was possible to see much of a large square and, by looking to the right from the window, the intersection with a shopping street. I’d already been in the square (market?) and

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(Disclaimer: I don’t know how long the link will persist and I can’t embed or download the video.) Deventer is officially 1250 years old this year, and one of the things we’re doing to celebrate that –did yesterday, in fact– was  an ecumenical procession. The previous procession with the relics of St Lebuinus (counted as the

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Great Blessing of the Waters

Time: about an hour and a half, including the procession (partly by river ferry) Congregation: 17 or 18 counting the crew; neither the woman with the ferry tickets nor I was completely sure. On the way back, in fact two more because a couple were so interested that they came back to the church with

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