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Barcelona (part 1)

We wanted to go by train all the way, and already had the tickets! Then SNCF decided to strike two out of every five days, and one of those days was the first day that our Interrail ticket was valid and because it was a special bargain price we couldn’t change it. Travelling later, skipping

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The dream engine keeps me from eating

Another bad restaurant dream (decide for yourself which noun “bad” belongs with). Spouse and I were in The Hague with a male friend (don’t know which friend it was, though it was one who exists in waking life as well) looking for a place to eat. Many places were closed, whether because it was a

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The dream engine fails to feed me

After a convoluted dream in which I was taken through what I supposed to be my entire dreamscape, somewhat like the sequence in Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets where he falls through several levels of Alpha, I achieved stability and the company of my spouse and we were hungry. There was a restaurant

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