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The dream engine sends me back to school

For the third time in as many months, and I was again late. Though not as late as the teacher. I was the first in the classroom for a religion class in the first period on Wednesday, knowing I was late; then a woman appeared who I thought must be the teacher, but the actual

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The dream engine does some magic

At a school where that wasn’t actually the curriculum, so we had to do it on the sly. For that the magic students had disguises as nineteen-forties American Jewish boys (for some reason the magic students were all male though the school had female students and teachers and administrative personnel too. I think I was

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Rereading A College of Magics

Caroline Stevermer, A College of Magics I love this book to pieces. The copy I have is falling to pieces, and I may soon have to replace it with a hardback to go with its sequel, A Scholar of Magics. If it’s still in print, that is. (Or get an e-reader at last and try

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