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Reading notes, week 48

November 28: Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie. Goodness, an Agatha Christie I’d never read! Poirot’s grown on me or something. Slightly too much marriage woes and implied adultery and similar stuff for me but it was exciting, the ending was surprising (in a good way) and the people who deserved to be happy

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2020 reading notes, week 2

I notice that so far this year I’ve only read one book by a man (the Judge Dee one). I’m not aiming to read only or mostly books by women, but it happens. Mostly white women, though, like myself (and still not for that). Obviously I don’t know about the fanfic but it’s statistically probable

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2020 reading notes, week 1

Sara had a splendid idea, and this is my modified version of it: I’m starting now, January 1, and updating the post whenever I finish reading something (fiction or nonfiction, any length, new or rereads; no blog posts but notable articles may slip in), keeping the newest on top so people following it won’t have

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