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Reading notes, week 34

August 22: Oodles of Young Wizards fanfic. Some of it reads almost like canon, like Reading Redhead’s.¬†Also Pern fanfic, by following links to kudos-leavers whose names I recognised. Uptown Local and Other Interventions by Diane Duane. Because it was hard to stop. I don’t like most of the stories in this one as much as

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Reading notes, week 33

August 11: Freedom’s Gate by Naomi Kritzer. Set in fantasy ancient Greece (with a side of Ruritania). It’s the first in a trilogy and the other two aren’t as easy to get (the webshop where I bought #1 has #3 but not #2, just like a public library) but I’ll definitely try to acquire them

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Reading notes, week 32

August 6: De eigenwijze helden van Sassoen by Nairi Zarjan. Armenian folk epic, now translated into Dutch directly, unlike the version I read as a young teen that was a translation of an English retelling/translation. I miss some of the familiar phrasings and idiosyncrasies, but on the other hand I think this version hasn’t been

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