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Spam for the parish

Deconstructing a mail message I got in my parish webmaster persona. Yes, I know it’s spam, but I’m treating it as if it’s serious. *Hello <> Team, * Yep, that’s me. *Get your website on Google’s Front Page search:* It’s already there: searching for “orthodoxe kerk deventer” gets it as the first three results.

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Search and replace spam

After the War and Peace ebook disaster, which I still think may be an elaborate hoax, I had a local search-and-replace deluge of my own. I had a few dozen in all before the self-learning filters got the message. The subjects varied, but they all came down to “we couldn’t process your bank payment” in

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No. That means “no”.

Phone: Ring ring! Me: [my name] Woman on phone: Hello, this is [mumble] from [previous energy provider]. Is it convenient? Me: (thinks: No, phone spam is never convenient.) Er… Well, I know what you’re going to ask and the answer is no. We didn’t change providers for nothing. Woman: But I’m going to make you

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