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Reading notes, week 49

December 10: Spellcloaked by Stephanie Burgis. I think it’s too long ago that I read the other Harwood Spellbook books because it’s hard to get back into the world, I feel like I have no reference. (Well written though.) The Invisible Bisexual by S.L. Huang and Frequently Asked Questions About the Portals at Frank’s Late-Night

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Reading notes, week 40

October 9: The Hog’s Back Mystery by Freeman Wills Crofts. Comfort cozy mystery after the mad whirl of teenaged girls. Like many Inspector French books, it has a faux ending at 2/3 and then has a completely new take on the mystery and a resolution! Deftly done. I like the wrap-up at the end. October

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Reading notes, week 7

Added a “Next up” section. I won’t list DNFs unless it’s a spectacular DNF with a reason, not just books I abandon because I feel more like reading something else. This is intended to make me persevere with the reading notes without thinking it means I have to either finish or justify not finishing everything

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