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The dream engine gives me a superpower

A very restricted one: if I mentioned an animal in normal conversation that animal would appear within, say, five minutes. It had to be a plausible animal in the situation — no amount of talking about whales in a town centre would cause one to appear, but when I mentioned a pony to a woman

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Hare fit for a king

Skip to the recipe (warning: it takes 7 hours but with 2 uninterrupted several-hours stretches) We wanted to eat one hare this season, but didn’t realise the hare season ends on December 31. Thanks to our excellent market poulterer Willie Kappert that didn’t mean we couldn’t get a hare at all, only that we had

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I have Trash Removal Superpowers!

Last Friday I was finally fed up with the pile of trash bags lying on top of one of the steel containers under the underpass where our bikes are, in use by a nearby restaurant. I called the number on the containers and got a very nice apologetic woman, who said they’d had lots of

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