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Reading notes, week 52

Yuletide is here, SO MUCH FANFIC. I’ll make a rec post after author reveal so I won’t have to look up everything again (not that I won’t want to reread it, but perhaps not all at once). December 30: Passage by bigsunglasses. Novelette-length Goblin Emperor fanfic, wonderful budding friendship between Idra Drazhar and Paru Tethimin.

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Reading notes, week 27

July 4: Bad Heir Day by Rosemary Edghill. Funny Arthurian story in which Guenhwyfar is the name of the sword, and “merlin” is a job title. The Town Cats and Other Tales by Lloyd Alexander. Fun moralising stories, all cousins of Puss in Boots. Victory by Susan Cooper. Very touching, with some good family and

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