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Reading notes, week 28

July 17: The Sittaford Mystery by Agatha Christie. Can’t stop reading Agatha Christie for some reason (perhaps slight brain-fog from vaccination) but didn’t want either Poirot or Miss Marple now. One strange thing: someone leaves 1/4 of his money to his sister, and 1/4 each to the children of his deceased other sister; but he

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Yuletide 2020 writing

Claiming bragging rights. By the comments I got, I think I’m entitled. A Letter, Unsent (1078 words) – Margery Kempe & Julian of Norwich This was my actual assignment, the other three long stories are pinch hits. When I offered it I hoped SO MUCH that I’d get it and already had snatches of text

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Rereading Tam Lin

Pamela Dean, Tam Lin This is probably my fifth or sixth rereading– my copy is battered enough for that. I think I still love it, even though I see more –well, not flaws exactly, but little inconsistencies, small unbelievable things, every time.  For instance a Classical Greek class reading Herodotus at the end of one

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