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Rereading Geheimen van het Wilde Woud

Tonke Dragt, Geheimen van het Wilde Woud This is the sequel to De brief voor de koning, and I’ve always liked it less without knowing why. After all, it was about the same people, and a lot more people like them. But I think I may have laid my finger on it this time around:

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Rereading De brief voor de koning

Tonke Dragt, De brief voor de koning (The letter for the king) Another favourite book from my preteens and teens– perhaps a bit later than Ilja de kleine ganzenridder. It strikes me, now that I read it again after twenty years or so of Valdyas just as we’re having a bit of campaign with a

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Rereading De torens van februari

Tonke Dragt, De torens van februari (The towers of February) At last, a book that other people have written actual text about. It seems to have been wildly popular when it came out in 1973. I must admit that I’m one of the many people who sent the author fan mail about it (and got

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