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The dream engine raises the waters

Whether it was global warming or an asteroid hitting Antarctica or whatever else I don’t know, but the level of the oceans was rising a lot very fast, something like two or three meters in a matter of days. I was in Rotterdam, taking various trams and buses to inexplicable places, mostly in company but

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The dream engine plays the game

But first there was the house that someone I sort of knew lived in, next door or next to that. The landlord/head-of-house (it was a kind of halfway house for boys who wanted to live on their own but couldn’t quite manage it yet, and/or boys newly released from prison) was away and had locked

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The dream engine goes under the mountain

My mother has appeared in dreams several times since she died, but my father never before that I can remember. But this time he and I were on a tram together, going on a trip to a mountain. It was a fairly low mountain, not very steep, a bit like the Gro├če Hermannsberg. It looked

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