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Following writers

When I was going through my Twitter following/followers list it seemed that I follow A LOT OF writers, so I made a list and found that it’s true: almost a third, 111 people. They have published books, call themselves “writer” or something similar in their bio, and/or I know from conversations that they write. I

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Twitter following policy

(Linked from my twitter bio) Who I follow People I already know from another context (meatspace, Usenet, mailing lists, IRC) and like, or at least feel we have something in common. People I find myself in conversation with, or who follow me, who seem worth knowing. Local businesses I have a personal attachment to. Miscellaneous:

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The dream engine sends me on holiday

Not once, but twice! First it sent me on holiday in 1971, with all my family, sitting outside a sidewalk cafe at the harbour of Den Helder. I was surprised how clean the water was, which it probably wouldn’t have been in real 1971, but that’s beside the point. There were also big fishes swimming

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